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Recolor has sixteen different forums and features. They can be accessed from the World Page, which can be found on the side bar menu.


Site Updates; Solely for site Announcements. When new announcements are posted, the Icon will glow.

Feedback: This forum is used for discussion bugs, item or site issues, or suggestions for improving the site. Most guides can be found in this forum.

Welcome Forum: A standard greeting forum. This forum is free to all posters, including those posters who have not beaten the slide quest requirements.

Friendly Chats: Hang out and talk with your friends, or make new ones.

Entertainment: Anime, books, comics, movies, music, TV shows, and video games. Discuss your favorite series and discover new content.

Class Help: Give or receive help with classes, or discuss educational topics here.

General Discussion: Mixed use forum. NSFW threads are permitted.

Art and Creations: For freebies, request threads, and art dumps.

Adventures and Roleplay: A safe-for-work roleplay forum.

Danger and Roleplay: This is the NSFW edition of the roleplay forum. It can only be accessed through Adventures and Roleplay.

Avatar Discussion: Discuss everything related to avatars.

Topic and Word Games:

Extended Discussion: Serious topics, vent threads, an

The Abyss: Bumps, spam, tests, and questionable content. NSFW threads are permitted.

Polls: Create or vote in Polls. Each poll has two answer options, along with a 'skip' button on the bottom. +10 bits are granted for each poll you vote for or skip. Creating polls requires a subscription, and you will earn one sub token for every poll you create.

Database: Handy tool for accessing site content. You can access friends' threads, see new citizens, and vote for and create new item ideas. You can also view recently added items, along with seeing public outfits.


Art: artists can post their creations and other content here. You must have submitted content to the site (art, items) to be able to post on this page.

Share: Youtube videos, pictures, and gifs. Anyone can post content here.

Contests: Create an avatar that matches the contest theme to win. Prize pools can be from five thousand bits to fifty thousand.

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Factions: Factions give you many different site perks.

Forums can be accessed through the World Page.


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