Ghost Battle (Formerly called Dark World) is a PvE exploration game featuring a ghost avatar.

Ghost Edit

You will move your ghost through a map in order to collect orbs or fight enemy ghosts. You can customize your own ghost with items you get from battling ghosts.

Ghosts have four stats:

  • Agility - How many tiles a ghost can move
  • Energy - How much damage a ghost can take
  • Power - How much damage a ghost deals to others
  • Vision - How far a ghost can see

Your ghost earns XP by fighting ghosts on area maps. Each time your ghost levels up, you can choose one of its stats to increase.

Areas Edit

Dark world map

An example of a Plains map, with a ghost and orb. The user's ghost is on the center hexagon.

There are currently six areas to choose from. Ghost encounters are increasingly more challenging as you move down the list. From easiest to hardest, they are:

  • Plains
  • Forest
  • Dark Forest
  • Beach
  • Winter
  • Rooftops

Selecting an area to explore will place your ghost on a map of hexagonal tiles. Each area has a few maps with different tile configurations, and there are multiple versions of each tile configuration with different positions for the orbs and ghosts.

The positions of the orbs and ghosts on a map are not randomly generated; once you grow familiar with the maps, you will know where to go to get orbs or encounter ghosts. Furthermore, each ghost drops specific orbs, as the ghost drops are not randomized.

Maps are shrouded in a "fog of war", which hides areas of the map that are outside of your ghost's range of vision. This range can be extended by increasing your ghost's Vision stat.

Battles Edit


Map Battles Edit

Entering the same hexagon as an enemy ghost begins a battle. The user's health bar appears at the left. The enemy ghost and its health bar are to the right.

Arrows will begin to slide over from the right, and you must click the appropriate arrow key in order to attack the opponent. Clicking the incorrect arrow key will cause the arrow to change to another key.

When the enemy's health bar is depleted, you will earn orbs based on which opponent you defeated. You can also acquire items that ghosts are wearing, which can be equipped to your ghost.

Forum Battles Edit

You can battle other users' ghosts in the forums if they post their ghosts, using the forum code copied on the Dark World page: [ghost][/ghost]. Defeating a user's ghost will reward you with orbs.

Trade Orbs Edit

You can earn items for your avatar by trading in orbs that are gathered by your ghost. These items are currently available by trading orbs:

Icon Name Orb Cost
Reusable syringe Reusable Syringe 100
Captive spirit Captive Spirit 750
Bloody ghost hood Bloody Ghost Hood 1,000
Phantom ribbon Phantom Ribbon 1,250
Soul fire Soul Fire 1,500
Exorcist jacket Exorcist Jacket 1,750
Will o wisp jacket Will o Wisp Jacket 2,000
Ghost hologram band Ghost Hologram Band 3,000
Phantom legs Phantom Legs 4,000