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The moderators are tasked with enforcing the rules on the forums. All Moderators must be 18, or older, and cannot be users who have caused trouble. Generally, having no previous warnings is advised; but not required. Anyone wishing to moderate on recolor can do so through the Volunteer page.

Moderators can see linked accounts, or all accounts on the same IP. Moderators cannot IP ban, although they can Gamebreak offensive IP addresses; meaning that the user is banned for a short period of time (60 minutes), and has to play 35 levels of Slide Quest. A game break counts as a warning, and is issued when the user action has a bigger severity than one that would simply require a warning, but is less severe than an action what would require a ban. 

Moderators can also clear sub shouts, profiles, send topics to "the Black Hole" (a non-accessible forum where deleted topics go as well - moderators can see deleted topics), move topics to other forums, change faction titles along with the SFW / NSFW status of a topic. Lastly, they can see deleted posts, as well as deleting posts.

The current site Moderators are: Chi, Fatuus, Rougue, Kcalb, Items, Keys, and uwu.

Past Moderators include: Voltbite, Velveteen, Valkyrie, GoddessRummy, Dyzzi, Renee, Kek, Tri, Angels Alibi, Panda, Angelic Night Rose, Pup, Ember (Formerly Emberblaze), Jason (see also; TekTon), and ColoredCrayons.

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